Maybe I was emerging into the era of post-modernism but I put it down far more to ADD – Attention Deficiency Disorder [laughs]. I just think that I couldn't concentrate. I never have been able to concentrate on one thing for very long without getting kind of itchy. I did always feel that there was some kind of area in rock that I could work comfortably using and working with all of my enthusiasms. I am a guy of enthusiasms. I get terribly excited about things that are new to me and it just seemed a perfectly natural for me at the time to put together all these odds and ends of art and culture that I really adore.



Cf Larry Wall, in Perl, the first postmodern computer language

This would bother a Modernist, because a Modernist has to decide whether this is true OR that is true. The Modernist believes in OR more than AND. Postmodernists believe in AND more than OR. (…) In Perl, AND has higher precedence than OR does. There you have it.

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