Honest artist statements

An artist statement is a text you write when you apply for a scholarship or open call, and that you keep around on your website.

I keep changing around this text. Because I do not know who you are I get no clues as to what I should talk about. I talk in abstractions of meaning, art and revolution.

You of course stay silent.

I try harder to convince you that my thoughts are interesting and that you should say something back. I even try to convince you that I understand everything.

This, at times is true, and then I always think I must be interesting to talk to. Yet understanding in itself does not amount to much.

Sense we can only make inbetween the both of us.

What I think I am actually saying is: I would like you to talk to me. That would be good. You can call or mail me, and we will meet and talk. Or just look out of the window together, which is even better.

There is a second message. Which is: let us mount shows with my pictures. I would like that.

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