Parties in Paris

You see a young man perched against a dresser, sitting on a medicine ball. He looks away. He is wearing a slate blazer, over a yellow shirt, screenprinted with a drawing of his guts and his chestcage. He wears gold colored leggings. His hair is combed over to the left.

Or parties in Brussels, for that matter. But the alliteration is nice.

Though there is never much programming at the parties I go to. Even if Alex McLean professes to be hacking Perl in night clubs, I have yet to run into him at night.

I am wondering at what point it will become part of contemporary party culture and we’ll have live coding sessions at Flash Cocotte? Seb tells me that it’s not likely to happen. That people like drugs and music and sex and that’s what brings them to parties. And that programming is too abstract and intellectual to appeal to people in a similar way.

What do you think?


Well, there are parties at programming conferences. The programming community has been aflutter about the right recipe for such a party. Ryan D notes how drinking seems to be the topical focus of these events.

Which makes me think there might just not be enough people dancing.

Which makes me think there might just not be enough people dancing.

But yeah, I guess you’re right. From the enticing ad for last years FOSDEM party:

After about ten years of incremental improvements to our notorious Beer Distribution Algorithm, we appear to have reached a stable version with last year's v3.2. We have no changes to the algorithm to announce this year.

Plus you know it will be 97% male. A group of introverted males rationally optimising to drink as much beer as possible in a short while doesn’t exactly sound like a proper party. Dani and me skipped it.

Maybe it should be the other way around. Like, instead of attaching parties to a conference, attach a conference to a party. You start with a party that is already quite nice and embed the conference into it. As part of the line up. You get a more diverse crowd and more gender balanced as well. Party animals and programmers can introduce their respective universes to each other (and find out they already overlap, I mean, there’s no inherent contridiction in being both a party animal and a programmer).

Bonding doing lines of code.

I have similar interests. I would like to understand how to manipulate fonts outlines via python. James


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