I have relocated to Brussels

You see a young man sitting at the bottom of a staircase. The staircase ends in a marble piece and the floor is marble as well. The young man looks into the screen of his laptop.

This is Fabien. He is making his way through part 2 of Absolute Beginners: Unix for Art Students. Fabien is an art student, in graphic design, at La Cambre, the French speaking art academy in Brussels.

The architecture here is great. Unlike, for example, Paris, where most buildings are larger apartment complexes, Brussels consists of ‘maisons de maitre’, large houses that were built by the bourgeoisie to house a family and their servants.

I live in such a house with a group of housemates. We are our own servants, so we use the food elevator to bring the meal we cook up from the kitchen to the salon. And on Sundays we debate who cleans the marble.

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