Designer drugs

You see different kinds of purple glitter emerge from little tube shaped containers spread out over herringbone parquet. The picture is lit by a flash

We wish you a happy new year from Paris!


A new year that is widely rumoured to be the earth’s lasts…
And I’m 27. I don’t know how I am going to survive!
Plus David Bowie reaches retirement age in 2012… another bad sign?
Well you can take that as a sign that now it is really up to us to start making awesome culture… No more messin’ about!
Read my article on why David Bowie is more awesome than Friedrich Nietzsche, and what that means for a contemporary arts / design practice.
Our brain can’t really deal with endings anyway.
When someone died, Andy tended to say: it’s too abstract. They’ve just gone shopping.
We can’t think death, we can’t conceive of what it is like to not be there…
If that YBA did one thing right, it was summing this up in the title of his shark piece…

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