Physical Hyperlinks that Glitter

You see a white wall on which is constructed a QR-code. The squares that constitute the code are pink and glittery, made from some thick adhesive pasted to the wall.

For the shared exhibition of our studio complex I want to show current work. But most of what I do is for the screen now. So I make a physical hyperlink to the blogosphere. I cut out 424 squares in sparkly adhesive and create the QR-code for the hyperlink to this very blog. Not every phone manages to scan it correctly—€I’m not sure if it’s because the grid is slightly crooked, or because the glitter is confusing.

You see a group of people in front of the glitter code, trying it out with their telephone


Although I’m still looking for a way to represent glitter on the screen! The whole effect of glitter is because it diffracts light differently at small differences in angle… to recreate it on the screen requires animation… like 1990ies animated GIF’s… is there anyone who knows an algorithm to create glitter?


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