Vector pixels

A stylised image of a skyscraper, in 16 by 16 pixels. A stylised image of a skyscraper. The building is made out of square shapes on a 16 by 16 grid. The squares have rounded corners.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""  Turns an image into a two-colored grid of vectorpixels: squares,
circles, or squares with rounded corners.

Creating a vector image from a raster image usually consists of
imagining some kind of curve, responsible for the pixels. But this
is guess work at best. Why don’t we work with what’s actually

This script turns an image into a grid of vector squares, circles,
or squares with rounded corners.

usage (command line):

python inputimage.png > outputimage.svg

 TODO: allow multi-colour pictures, implement vertical and horiontal scanlines """

import Image
import sys

class Vectorpixel:
    def __init__(self, image):
        self.i ="1")
        self.px = self.i.load()
        self.constructed = False

    def construct(self, grid=24, line=1, rounded=4, test=(lambda x: x == 0)):
        self.grid = grid
        self.line = line
        self.rounded = rounded
        self.width = self.height = self.grid - 2 * self.line
        self.test = test
        self.fill = '#000000'
        self.constructed = True

    def _yieldlocations(self):
        for x in range(self.i.size[0]):
            for y in range(self.i.size[1]):
                if self.test(self.px[x,y]):
                    yield (x,y)

    def _mkelements(self):
        for l in self._yieldlocations():
            yield "<rect x='%s' y='%s' width='%s' height='%s' rx='%s' fill='%s'/>" % (
    self.grid * l[0] + self.line, self.grid * l[1] + self.line, self.width, self.height, self.rounded, self.fill)

    def _format(self):
        output = '<svg xmlns="" width="%s" height="%s">\n' % (self.i.size[0] * self.grid, self.i.size[1] * self.grid)
        for e in self._mkelements():
            output += e
            output += '\n'
        output += '</svg>'
        return output

    def generate(self):
        if not self.constructed:
        return self._format()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    if len(sys.argv) != 2:
        sys.exit("usage (command line):\npython inputimage.png > outputimage.svg")
    v = Vectorpixel(sys.argv[1])
    print v.generate()



This script requires the Python Imaging Library. To install the Python Imaging Library, make sure you have installed a compiler. Then run:
sudo easy_install Image

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